4+ years of experience in client-centered advanced nutrition counseling

MEET Emily

Dr. Emily Brown Reeves PhD. Biochemistry & Certified Nutrition Specialist

How Emily became a Nutritionist

Emily became interested in genetics and nutrition while a graduate student studying biochemistry at Texas A&M University. Partway through her PhD, Emily experienced several health challenges. Her interactions with various healthcare professionals, coupled with her growing knowledge of biochemistry, helped her biohack her way towards better health. This experience inspired Emily to want to help others. After completing her PhD, Emily went on to do additional schooling and achieve the BCNS credential, which is the gold standard for nutritional counseling. Shortly after, Emily established Nutriplexity as a private practice outside of Seattle in 2019.

Her approach

Emily’s approach to wellness is integrated and comprehensive. She uses state-of-the-art testing to make sure that no stone is left unturned for complex and chronic health conditions. Understanding the root cause is important to Emily, and she frequently recommends the use of whole genome sequencing to find it.

Involvement with the American College of Medical Genetics

Emily is a curator for the American College of Medical Genetics, Inborn Errors of Metabolism Disease Panel. This working group reviews the literature, writes, and updates gene-disease IEOM relationships for the ClinGen website.

Academic Career

Emily is collaborating with several professors and engineers to promote the integration of engineering and biology. This is part of her ambition to become a systems biologist!

Personal Life

In her personal life, Emily can be found cooking delicious organic food, traveling the world with her husband Daniel, or tending her garden. Emily also loves spending time on Puget Sound with her paddleboard, scouting for Orcas!